Preventive action consisting of measuring intraocular pressure at the Olympiad of Sports, Culture and Health organised by the Serbia Third Age Movement was held in Vrnjačka Banja

During the sixth Olympiad of Culture, Sports and Health organised by the Serbia Third Age, held in Vrnjačka Banja from 30 September to 3 October 2013, where there were over 600 participants from all over Serbia, the Serbian Glaucoma Society, at the proposal and initiative of Dr Lidija Magarašević, head of the Glaucoma Department of the clinic for eye diseases “Prof Dr I. Stanković” KBC “Zvezdara” in Belgrade, organised free action of measuring intraocular pressure for the Olympiad participants on 2 October 2013. The action was led by Dr Lidija Magarašević along with great engagement of Dr Anita Todorović, doctors of the Clinic for Eye Diseases in Niš and ophthalmologists from Vrnjačka Banja.

The pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and MSD, enormously supported this action. The participants in Olympiad showed great interest in intraocular pressure measurement and they got acquainted with the basic characteristics of glaucoma, risk factors for glaucoma and prevention actions. In addition to the conversation on this topic, material in a written form and information about the web site “Get Acquainted with Glaucoma” were provided. Total of 181 participants had their intraocular pressure measured and those ones with high values were advised to report to the relevant ophthalmologist for further examinations. The organisers of the Olympiad expressed their great interest in including such action in the official program of the next Olympiad of Culture, Sports and Health of the Third Age, and thus joint actions to prevent the consequences for the vision related to glaucoma would be more frequent.

Prim. Dr Lidija Magarašević, ophthalmologist
Head of the Glaucoma Department of the Clinic for Eye Diseases
“Prof Dr Ivan Stanković” KBC Zemun