About the Serbian Glaucoma Society

Serbian Glaucoma Society (SGS) was founded in 2011. in Belgrade. The headquarters of the Society is, Clinical Centre of Serbia, Pasterova street 2, Belgrade. SGS invites all glaucomatologists and ophthalmology specialists from the territory of Serbia, and other countries, to engage in the work of the Society.

SGS is non-governmental and non-profit organization established for an indefinite period of time to achieve the following aims :

  • Help in education of patients about glaucoma.
  • Gathering of leading experts in the field of ophthalmology in order to establish doctrinal views and policies of modern diagnosis and therapy of glaucoma.

  • Technical and advisory assistance in providing necessary medical and other equipment to iprove the diagnosing and treatment of glaucoma and to create favorable conditions for education about glaucoma.

  • Organizing educational meetings with ophthalmologists and general practitioners.

  • Advocating for prevention of glaucoma blindness.


Vrnjačka Banja, 3rd october 2020.
Defines the basic activities and the organization of associations, rights and obligations of members and all other important aspects related to the work of the association.

Minutes of the founding assembly

Belgrade, 12/16/2011