Dear colleagues, dear friends!

Welcome to the 6th Congress of Serbian glaucoma Society with international participation.

We continue our common tradition with congress held on Kopaonik, the mountain that represents beauty and pride of all nature lovers, and also the place of learning and socializing of ophthalmologists from Serbia and from abroad, from 09.05. until 12.05.2024. at the Grand Hotel.

In addition to invited lectures, symposia, free topics and courses with the active participation of young Serbian ophthalmologists, the novelty of this Congress is the continuation of cooperation with colleagues dealing with the posterior segment of the eye (symposium AntiVegF therapy and glaucoma), and also the beginning of cooperation with colleagues dealing with refractive surgery and cataract surgery (Half Refractive Day).

On behalf of the UGLAS Steering Committee, the Organizing Committee, as well as our friends and sponsors from the pharmaceutical industry, we invite you to participate in the scientific and professional work of the Congress in good health because “Health and knowledge alone are never enough” (N. Bulat), and “ health of people’s eyes are in their and our hands”.

President of the Serbian glaucoma Society

Prof. Dr Predrag Jovanović, M.D., Ph.D.


Thursday – Sunday, May 09-12, 2024

MK Mountain Resort, Hotel Grand Kopaonik


Member of the Society with paid membership fee ———— 60,00 EUR*
Regular registration——————————————————120,00 EUR
Resident ——————————————————————— 60,00 EUR**
Retired ————————————————————————60,00 EUR
Supplement for a gala dinner —————————————70,00 EUR

* Proof of membership fee payment to be submitted
** Certificate of specialization to be submitted

Registration fee includes
Participation in the scientific program, the visit of the exhibition area, congress material, certificate, coffee breaks, welcome cocktail, lunch, gala dinner


December 31st, 2023 – Abstract submission deadline

March 31st, 2024 – Deadline for payment of membership fee for year 2024


Meeting is accredited by the Health Council of Serbia under the number A-1-170/24, as a National Congress with international participation
Number of points for the lecturer – 13
Number of points for passive participation – 8
Number of points for oral presentation – 11
Number of points for poster presentation – 9


Organizer of the 6th Congress of Serbian glaucoma Society with international participation is Serbian glaucoma Society

Organizing Committee of the Congress


Prof. dr Predrag Jovanović
President of Serbian glaucoma Society

Prof. dr Nikola Babić
Vice President of Serbian glaucoma Society

Doc. dr Marija Trenkić
Secretary of Serbian glaucoma Society

Prof. dr Jasmina Djordjević Jocić

Prof. dr Sunčica Srećković

Prof. dr Mirjana Petrović Janićijević

Prof. dr Aleksandar Miljković

Doc. dr Ivan Marjanović

Dr. sci med Marko Kontić

Doc. dr Maja Živković
President of the Supervisory Board of Serbian glaucoma Society

Doc. dr Vesna Marić

Prim. dr. sci med Milan Stojčić

Scientific Committee of the Congress


Prof. dr Nikola Babić

Prof. dr Mirjana Janićijević Petrović

Prof. dr Jasmina Đorđević Jocić

Prof. dr Sunčica Srećković

Prof. dr Aleksandar Miljković


Kopaonik (known in Roman, Venetian and Turkish springs and as Silver Mountain) is the largest mountain massif in Serbia, which extends from north-west to southeast about 75 km in length, reaching in the middle part about 40 km wide. One part of Kopaonik is a protected zone called the National Park Kopaonik, within which there are a number of protected natural entities, and it is also the largest ski center in Serbia. The natural advantage of Kopaonik is 160 days under the snow cover, which provides excellent conditions for winter sports and makes Kopaonik one of the most interesting winter tourist centers of the Balkans. The highest peak of Kopanika is the Pančić peak with 2017 meters above sea level, on which is the Mausoleum of the famous Serbian naturalist Josif Pančić, after which he was named.

The entire massif of Kopaonik was named after the great mineral wealth that has been exploited there since the Middle Ages, and in its wider area is a whole series of cultural and historical monuments from the 12th to the 15th century. Kopaonik was a developed mining area in the Middle Ages, and from that period, there were many undercuts, names and mining tools. Mining has been renewed in recent times, especially in Trepca, which has large deposits of lead-zinc ore on the southern slopes of this mountain. Belo Brdo mine is located at the very foot of Pančićev vrh. Thanks to the developed tourist center with modern hotel facilities and accompanying facilities, Kopaonik is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia and South-East Europe.

The highest part of Kopaonik is the spacious area of ​​Ravni Kopaonik, which is surrounded by Suvo Rudiste with Pancic (Milan’s) summit (2017 m), with Pancic Mausoleum, Karaman (1934 m), Gobelja (1834m) and dr. Southeast of Suva Rustišta, the ridge of Kopaonik is narrowed and broken down into a number of plastic elevations: Čardak (1590 m), Tatorica (1750 m) and Oštro koplje (1789 m), among which are wide transitions. Kopaonik is the most widespread part of the forest-pasture zone of central Serbia. On the higher parts is the coniferous forest of spruce and fir, and on the mountainous sides, the forests of beech and oak. Kopaonik is a place where species of endemic flora can be found, such as Sempervirum Kopaonicense Pancic, Cardamine Pancicii and Copper Violet (Viola Copanicensis). Of the many animal species, the most important are the gray falcon (Falco Peregrinus), the raw eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), the bulb (Bubo Bubo), the wild cat (Felix Silvestris) and the deer (Capreolus Capreolus).

Animal husbandry is the main occupation of the population of Kopaonik, and more recently tourism. On Ravni Kopaonik is a large tourist mountain ski center, with numerous accommodation facilities, a ski slopes and ski lifts and other infrastructure. Another such complex is developing at Brzeć village on the eastern slope, where about 1000 beds are available in hotels, apartments and houses. They reach Kopaonik through Josanica Spa, Brzece and Rudnica. On the west side of Kopaonik, from the Ibar highway, take two times for Ravni Kopaonik, one of Biljanovac along the Josanicka River, and the other from Rudnica; and on the east side of Krusevac and Toplice, through Brzeć, descending steeply into Jankovo ​​gorge, which separates it from the mountain Jastrebac. Roads to Kopaonik: Raska-Biljanovac-Josanicka Banja-Kopaonik (37km) and Raska-Rudnica-Kopaonik, (19km) from Ibarska Mageistrale, Brus-Brzece-Jaram-Kopaonik, (30km), Kuršumlija-Mercez-Blaževo-Brzece- Kopaonik (64km), Gracak-Jošanicka Banja (27km) and Mercez-Lukovska Banja-Jelak-Leposavic (41km) from the valleys of Toplice and Rasina.


Accommodation offer

Hotel Single room Double/Twin room
Grand Hotel & Spa 110,00 EUR 141,00 EUR
Hotel Gorski 102,00 EUR 120,00 EUR

Please NOTE:

Accommodation prices are based on half board per night per room, including residence tax, insurance and VAT.

Mini bar, room service and other additional services are paid directly at the reception.


Hotel Grand

Check in 15:00h / Check out 11:00h

Hotel Gorski

Check in 14:00h / Check out 10:00h


For more information and reservation –


  1. All abstracts must be submitted online at before deadline
  2. Abstract must be submitted in Serbian or English.
  3. The title must be in all uppercase
  4. The title must not exceed 20 words.
  5. The abstract must contain the four (4) main headings: Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
  6. The abstract body must be typed in lower case, with only the first word of the sentance capitalized and where necessary.
  7. The text of the abstract must not exceed 300 words.
  8. If you are submitting more then one abstract, they must be submitted separately.
  9. The organizers will not accept any responsibility for abstract that have not been submitted properly.
  10. All abstracts will be initially reviewed, graded and accepted or rejected by the Scientific Committee.
  11. Scientific Committee reserves the right to determine whether a submission is accepted as a presentation or a poster. The decision of the Committee is final. If a paper or poster is accepted for presentation, one of the authors must undertake to present it.
  12. All abstract selected will be published in the Book of Abstracts. The abstract will appear exactly as submitted.
  13. Presenting author should be registered for the Congress, otherwise abstract will not be published.






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Bulevar Cara Lazara 96
21000 Novi Sad
+381 21 466 075, 466 076, 466 077

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