2nd Serbian glaucoma Congress 15th and 16th of May 2015

Dear colleagues and friends!

Welcome to the 2nd Serbian glaucoma Congress!

As we announced at the 1st Serbian glaucoma Congress 2013, we continue our venue traditionally at Kopaonik Mountain. After we successfully organized 1st Congress, we hope that The 2nd congress will be more successful.

In addition of invited lectures, symposia and free topics, we want to introduce you to a new diagnostic and therapeutic guide the European Glaucoma Society from year 2014.

Special significance of this Congress represents the presentation of the Registry of patients with glaucoma in the Republic of Serbia. As it plans for year 2015, Glaucoma is declared for chronic no communicable diseases with their reporting obligations, so that in the near future we will have a clearer picture of the number of patients with this serious disease in the Republic of Serbia. Serbian Glaucoma Society and Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Serbia with your help will be able to create a doctrine for early detection, monitoring and treatment of patients with glaucoma, in order to reduce the number of blind and visually impaired people.

On behalf of the Serbian Glaucoma Society, the Organizing Committee of the Congress and our friends and sponsors of the Congress, I invite you to participate to Congress and move borders of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for the benefit of our patients.

The Congress will be held under the slogan: Discesed a doctis, indoctos ipse doceto (Learn from the learned, the unlearned teach!)

President of the Serbian Glaucoma Society

Prof. Dr. Predrag Jovanovic