3rd Serbian glaucoma Congress 12th to 14th of May 2017

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

Thank you for participating in the 3rd Congress of Serbian glaucomatologists with international participation (12.05.-14.05.2017)!

This time Kopaonik was a traditional place for our learning and socializing. A large number of present colleagues from the country and abroad (over 400) obliges us to join the organization of the next Congress even more actively and with more enthusiasm. Such a great interest of colleagues for participation and presence in a subspecialist Congress has confirmed our expectation that such an event is necessary for ophthalmologists in Serbia and the region.

In addition to calling lectures, symposiums and free themes in the field of glaucoma, through specialized courses, on the reputation of the European and Global glaucoma conferences, we wanted to transfer the theoretical knowledge in the glaucoma field into practical application for your day-to-day work with patients. A large number of colleagues have welcomed this type of additional education and supported the traditional slogan of the Congress: Sculpture is a nuisance of laughter (It’s a laughing matter to know that sin does not want to learn anything) and we will continue with this practice in the next Congress. Each participant of the Congress received a copy of the translated and adapted European Guide for the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, which the Association of glaucomatologists of Serbia as a publisher is very proud, since this is the first such guide in ophthalmology in Serbia.

The Congress of glaucomatologists of Serbia with international participation has become a recognizable event among ophthalmologists, the opportunity to renew knowledge, learn something new and have a good friendship in the beautiful environment of Kopaonik.

I thank the friends and sponsors of the Congress who recognized the importance of our Congress and the place to promote their activities.

On behalf of the Governing Board of UGLAS, the Organizing Committee of the Congress and our friends and sponsors of the Congress, I invite you to participate in the next 4th Congress of the Serbian glucomatologist with international participation in even greater numbers.

President of the Association of glaucomatologists of Serbia

Prof. Dr. Predrag Jovanovic