World Glaucoma Week (12-18/03/2017)

Report of the maintenance of  ‘World Glaucoma Week’ 12.03-18.03.2017. in Serbia

Serbian Glaucoma Society again joined the action in 2017, which is celebrated around the world. ” World Glaucoma Week ” was organized in many clinics and health centers in Serbia: Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac, Aleksinac, …

In addition to the traditional “opened doors” in our clinics, where patients and all interested citizens at a particular time could check intraocular pressure and obtain medical advice without any administrative procedures, measurement of  intraocular pressure was organized in public places.

There have been several promotional and educational lectures to citizens in aim of better information about the disease, treatment and consequences if glaucoma was not detected in time (Belgrade, New Belgrade), and also continuing education of ophthalmologists through the maintenance of the course ” Save Sight Years “(Niš).

This manifestation of  global, world importance was media covered,  roaming eminent glaucomatologist and members of the Serbian Glaucoma Society at the regional and national television (Belgrade, Kragujevac, Niš)

Particularly important is the issue brochure ‘Guide to Glaucoma patients’, which was given along with other informative materials about glaucoma, during the celebration of “World Glaucoma Week ” in 2017.

President of the Serbian Glaucoma Society

Prof. Dr. Predrag Jovanović, MD PhD